Nemesis Staff...

Diverse, experienced and well rounded in terms of group facilitation, team sports, softball and academic achievement. The staff provides organization stability consistency and guidance to parents.  Staff is comprised of female/male leaders with current collegiate athletes playing a major role in the development of our players as coaches and role models.

Sandy Grana, Business Manager...

18 years of combined rec/travel team and organization management experience.  Has managed teams from 10U thru 18u Gold with various national championships and assisted many players onto college. Two daughters, Courtney and Cassie, that played for Nemesis Elite with Courtney playing for Whittier College and Cassie playing for Menlo College.

Manuel Garcia, Operations Manager...

Education - Graduate Degree (MBA) University of Redlands; 20+ years of travel ball coaching  experience, 10u thru 18u Gold. 30+ years of overall team coaching experience, adult, youth rec, middle school and high school. Three daughters that played Nemesis Elite... two that played college softball (Cecily/Samie)...With All-American Samie playing in the SEC and three years in National Professional Fastpitch.

Coach Manny

Organization Staff

Sandy Grana - Business Manager
Manuel Garcia - Operations Manager
Christina Juarez - Organization Manager
Emil Apacible - Organization Coach
Dave Garcia - Organization Coach

18u Staff

  • Sandy Grana - Manager

  • Manuel Garcia - Head Coach

  • Emil Apacible - Asst. Coach

  • Cassie Grana - Asst. Coach

  • Bob Pangelinan - Asst. Coach

  • Dave Garcia- Asst. Coach

16u Staff

  • - Manager

  • Dave Garcia - Head Coach

14u Staff

  • Christina Juarez - Manager

  • Manuel Garcia - Head Coach

  • Taylor Glover - Head Coach

  • Emil Apacible - Asst. Coach

  • Molly Smith - Asst. Coach

12u Staff

  • Stephanie Slater - Manager

  • Tracy McAndrews - Manager

  • James Slater - Head Coach

  • Jenna Hernandez - Head Coach



10u Staff

  • Maria Phegly- Manager

  • Stephanie Slater - Manager

  • James Slater - Head Coach

  • Emma Carruth - Head Coach