Camp Fielding #2

Date: Wed 12/13/17
Location: Discovery Sports Complex
12400 Columbia Way
Downey CA 90242
Report Time: 4:45pm
Session Hours: 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Bring: Softball gear, sunscreen lotion, running shoes, dumb bells (2lb, 5lb or 10lb), water, sports drink and healthy snack. 

Walk-Up campers is available.  For details txt Coach Manny at 323-997-1564.

Camper's Homework Assignment

1. On Mon & Tues work out for 30 min. Practice the Dumbell Complex.
Remember "Open Hitting" on Mon 12/11 at Triple Play Batting Cages 6p to 7p and 7p to 8pm

2.  Research "Pomona Pitzer College"

3. Contact Coach Manny (Txt 323-997-1564) and schedule a hitting session.  This is optional but highly recommended. You can share lessons wit a partner.
4. Watch Video Below:
"How to Hit a Softball" by Samie Garcia & Chelsea Hawkins
Graduate Students at "The University of South Carolina"